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  • Social and ecological sustainability: What are the connections?

    Two recent articles (in German): The first one is on linking care and climate justice, the second one is about eco-social literacy and Just Transition.

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  • Kurt Rothschild Prize received for research on the care crisis

    The Kurt Rothschild Prize honours social and economic scientists whose excellent research leads to relevant insights because they situate economic questions in a wider context. The awardees move beyond their purely academic tasks by communicating these insights to a broader audience and get involved in the public debate.

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  • New article: Care – from Privatisation to Solidarity

    Since the 1970s, the UK has been experiencing a care crisis that has led groups and generations to compete over artificially scarce resources and shifted the responsibility onto households – primarily women. With the population set to age further in the decades to come, the ever-expanding marketisation of care must be replaced by a system based on solidarity.

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